"As I lay in the sarcophagus, thoughts race, 'I am laying where Moses laid in the former House of Initiates; plus great kings and pharaohs have lain in this very sarcophagus in the king's chamber.'"

                   This title combines reality, fantasy, history, mythology, humanity, and spirituality into one exciting package. The content regarding Jesus' time in Egypt will be of interest to Christian scholars, but is not so heavy-handed to turn off those less spiritually inclined. All that is required to enjoy this title is a spirit of adventure and an open mind.         -   The US Review of Books

            ... in the 4th century, Egypt was a Christian country. The deserts of Egypt and Sinai were the homes of the first Christian monks.

Louise Toth

Award winning author.

Gold Seal for literary excellence.

Member of Cambridge Who’s Who. 

All the profits from my novel, ‘THOTH & Jesus of Egypt,’ go to the ‘Feed The Children Charity’ to help end childhood hunger.